pop-up yoga Sessions

1-2-1 & Private Yoga

A great way to create space and time for yourself. To develop and tailor your practice to your particular needs.  Creating adjustments and use of props to support you in your general practice, building up confidence in preparation for joining in a group session or as part of rehabilitation after injury, surgery or pre and post cancer treatment.

Sessions can be online or in person.  Which ever you decide works for you online or in person my 121 sessions offer a fully bespoke session focusing solely on your needs.

Private 1-2-1’s and 2-2-1 Sessions

You may be deciding that you feel you need or want to begin yoga, 1-2-1 is a great way to take that first step and have the full attention on you and your individual needs.

You may be recovering from injury, surgery, on a journey with cancer or suffering from illness and need some support with rehabilitation and your journey back to your own practice or feel yoga would help with your recovery.

You may want to focus and enhance your current practice or wanting support with day-to-day challenges.

Whatever the reason 1-2-1 sessions are a great way to support your body heart and mind through the day-to-day challenges we face and is extremely important for a health body and mind.

I like to see yoga and all it brings as tools to put into our tool kit of life. Simple things like being mindful of your posture throughout the day, simple breathing exercises to help boost energy or calm feelings of anxiousness, how to find peace in your day to allow time to clear the mind of clutter – I like to call this finding some quiet in the crazy or simply understanding the importance of healthy weight bearing through our joints especially as we get older.

A 1-2-1 session with me is designed to give you a tailored practice. Working with your body, taking time to work through adjustments, alignment tweaks and tips for your own personal practice, focus on a particular pose or flow, breath work or meditation.  We will work together to map out what you are wanting from your practice, I will supply crib sheets of specific flows that can be practiced in between sessions. I like to approach 1-2-1’s as a partnership helping you to help yourself, to maintain a healthy body heart and mind, fully tap into the power of yoga.

  • Would like to have a go at yoga
  • Are nervous about joining a group session and would benefit from a more personal introduction to yoga
  • Have a busy life and struggle to find time to get to a scheduled group session
  • Want to enhance their online practice with a personal focus
  • Maybe self-conscious about practicing in front of other people
  • Rehabilitation from injury or surgery, experience depression, M.E, M.S. body image issues, a disability, cancer recovery, or something else that requires closer attention to detail than the group sessions may offer
  • Want to focus on a particular aspect of yoga such as meditation, pranayama/breathing or relaxation
  • Want to focus on a particular pose for a while or any poses in particular you may be struggling with
  • Keen to explore and understand how fascia affects our body and how we can release tightness through fascia work
  • Would like support with props to tailor their practice
  • You just fancy investing in your own self care

1-2-1 & Alignment "check in" session

To support your online practice. Book a “check in” session to focus on your personal alignment needs. The session will be 30 mins and take more of a practical workshop approach, so you get the most out of the session. These sessions differ from a full 121 which takes you through a full practice in addition to giving you time to explore your own personal alignment or adjustment needs.

Yoga for Business

Bring some calm and re energise in the workplace – great for busy people who would like an energy boost during or at the end of their day

We continue to find ourselves in changing and sometimes very challenging work environments, this can place demands and stress on people. Work related stress leads to depression, drop in work performance, and anxiety. The pressure of the work environment can bring significant cost to businesses through sickness, reduced productivity, low morale, turnover of people, and work-related accidents.

It’s great to see more business turning to yoga amongst other things to support individuals and whole business with stress in work environment.

Yoga bumps up levels of the neurotransmitter GABA which both lifts mood and suppresses anxiety according to a 2007 study on brain GABA levels and yoga. Related to this is yoga’s ability to create inner peace and calm, keeping a clear mind to help make decision and maintain focus.

Yoga can help release the body of tension that builds up through the day. Simple exercises can be taught to support people throughout the day. Yoga brings understanding and awareness to these issues and can provide your team with tools to support a healthy body and mind in the short and long term.

Responsibility sits both with an individual and the company to support everyone to maintain healthy body and mind.

Businesses differ hugely and therefore needs must be tailored to the type of business for example some businesses are seated for the majority of the day, some may be standing, the repetitive strain on the body can result in long term issues with back, shoulder, neck and hips depending on the demands of the role.

Yoga can be in short bursts, longer sessions in person or online, please get in touch if you would like to bring some calm and energy to your workplace.

Yoga for business can boost your productivity. From motivation to positivity, timeliness time off.  It will support a healthy body and mind, maintaining a calm mind and alleviating stress, resulting in higher performance for individuals and the whole business.

Relieve stress

Taking breaks in the workday to do some yoga has proven to be one of the most effective ways in helping to refresh, energise and maintain focus

Supports good decision making

Simple breathing techniques and finding stillness will help keep the mind clear and calm

Mitigate health risks

Yoga has proven to support a healthy body and mind, relieving people of stress and anxiety which if left can quickly turn into long term mental and physical health issues.

Supports healthy posture

Yoga brings awareness to how you sit and stand, strengthens your core and encourages good posture through the day. Provides Neck and shoulders with stability to correct your posture and alleviate the chances of Back pain and stiffness.

Manage stress

Yoga can help people to deal better with mental stress and anxiety by increasing the level of the happy hormone serotonin. It can also help you control cortisol level to calm your mood and allow positive thoughts to build up.

Problem solves more effectively

An active mind and body solve problems better and faster. Yoga can increase your energy levels and balance your hormones bringing body and mind back into balance

Increase energy

Yoga can boost energy levels and help direct the flow of energy.

Helps with focus

Yoga exercises enhance oxygen and blood circulation to the vital parts of your central nervous system, meditation can help you centre all your focus inwards, bringing people into the present moment to stop a wandering mind..

Boost immune system and increase strength

Improving blood circulation stimulates your lymphatic system which supports movement in the spine, joints, shoulders, and ankles strengthening your body to overcome physical discomfort, injury or illness.

Bespoke Group Yoga

Group Yoga is a great way to kick start your practice, if you have often thought of trying yoga getting together with a group of friends is a great way to give it a go. Its also a great way to be encouraged and motivated when you are with your friends.

Whether it’s to try out yoga for the first time or creating some me time with friends like a mini retreat the energy and sense of fun that is shared between everyone in a group is wonderful and very motivational whether it is calming energy during relaxation or mediation or upbeat energy during more flowing poses, its lovely to feel part of a group and benefit from group energy.

  • You can invite who you want to spend time with
  • You can choose the time and location of your session
  • You can input into the feel and flow of the session
  • Great way of prioritising some time away from day-to-day life which you may not do for yourself, getting together with friends makes sure you get that time
  • Getting together with like minded people is very nourishing
  • A group session can increase your confidence
  • Provides encouragement without pressure
  • You will benefit from group energy
  • Provides a conversation and understanding around the differences in people’s bodies and support around challenging poses.
  • Sharing knowledge and experience around healthy living, upcycling, great places to eat or visit